Photographs documenting the first event and performances in the series Autopsia.

In a program series consisting of four events the interplay between selected choreography-based video works and context based sound performances explores the potential and constraints of video documentation. Examining methods of documentation raises questions of authenticity and representation. With performance art, dance and choreography at the centre, participating video and sound artists contribute to exploring these methods as well as their results.

Curated and initiated by Klara Utke Acs and Cecilie Jørck.

"Blind Spotting" (Margrét Sara Guðjónsdóttir) by Brynje

"Complete Body” (Contemporary Cruising / Mette Woller / Djeziri & Krebs) by Soma & Lil.

"Everything Ends With Flowers" (JULI/JON) by Body Sculptures

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